Software Engineer

Design, develop and implement Internet/Intranet portal applications for internal and external users using Java, JSP, Servlet technologies, HTML, and XML. Design, develop and implement back end databases for the application on ORACLE, MYSQL using UNIX scripts, Apache CXF for Web Services and Hibernate for ORM mapping. Build J2EE enterprise applications with AngularJS and Spring framework. Develop test frameworks for these applications using SeLion and bluefin frameworks using TestNg. Use SQL and PL.SQL to build applications on ORACLE databases. Collaborate with team members to translate the business requirements into High level & low level technical specification. Prepare comprehensive work plans for projects and address all tasks necessary for successful implementation of Web based applications. Develop and maintain proficiency in utilizing technical and analytical tools to give optimum results to the management and business. Provide maintenance support on various issues including but not limited to debugging, modifications, fine tuning, code organization and performance tuning. Perform analysis, coding, code walk through, unit and integration testing. Promote efficient user utilization of the system.

Must have proof of legal authority to work in the U.S. Must have a Master’s degree in Computer Science/ Engineering / related field with 1 year experience. Frequent travel to client sites required. EOE. Fax your resume to (201)604-5402

Attn: HR Manager Job Code SM