Application Development

COMPUGA offers Custom Application Development Services where off-the-shelf products do not provide requisite functionality or where cost benefits do not accrue in customizing such products.

COMPUGA understands the need to build applications that can cater to evolving business and technical requirements. COMPUGA adopts proven application development practices including: Use of frameworks and methodologies to ensure consistency of deliverables Quality gate throughout SDLC to meet QoS requirements Use of comprehensive testing and auditing tools

COMPUGA philosophy and methodology: Access to a mix pool of onshore, offshore, offsite talent that allows us to provide continuous “work day” feature (24/7) and less expensive solutions (lower cost levels) to our customers. And our ability to “ramp up” quickly to meet and exceed customer needs.

Client Segments and Challenges:

  • Identify and outline the Application requirements
  • Define technology and architecture
  • Develop prototypes and test pilot runs
  • Develop the solution
  • User Acceptance testing
  • End user Training and implementation across the organization
  • Application support and Maintenance

It allows them to deliver quality products to market faster while efficiently utilizing resources and dramatically reducing IT costs. We help companies achieve these goals as a result of our broad spectrum of technology solutions, access to lost cost talent and unique “continuous work day” methodology. We utilize emerging opportunities by rapidly adopting new technologies that includes web based solutions.

COMPUGA focuses on delivering efficient, scalable and affordable solutions that responds to your business demands in a most agile and efficient manner. We offer guidance by understanding business strategies and requirements that satisfy your business needs within specific time and specified budget. We can help you drive new innovations and expand to different markets while reducing the overall costs.

COMPUGA is a recognized leader in delivering high quality solutions engineered to suit every client’s requirements, by mode of following mature & business focused processes of development and deployment, with proven tools, efficient methodologies, and comprehensive verification and validation procedures. Rapid technology advancements and evolving business scenarios drive the need for newer customized solutions, building on present systems or transformation of existing systems to modernize & business driven solutions, providing competitive edge to the organizations.

Our well-defined and mature development processes support the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from business case analysis to post-production support. Our project development life cycle includes standards and procedures, roles and responsibilities and end product delivery.