Advantage Compuga

Dedicated, Skilled, And Experience professionals 
Our strength lies in our dedicated, skilled, and experience professionals who enable us to successfully cater to both onsite and integrated onsite/offshore models. It is our belief in people which helps us unleash their hidden potential and skills. We now have experience of 6+ years and our diverse portfolio includes high quality solutions to various industry domains.

Individualistic Approach
Our methodology implies an individualistic approach to every project and business. We work with each customer to study particularities and try to precisely detect their need. We then develop a plan that accomplishes their specific goals and make their ventures successful by creating feasible, cost-effective solutions that work.

Knowledge And Infrastructure
We have implemented powerful infrastructure with knowledgeable technologies to enhance each solution to its fullest extent possible. Our infrastructure and communication facilities are world-class enabling us to cater to the various onsite/offsite requirements of our customers and ensuring seamless quality solutions on time, every time. Several key technologies provide comprehensive solutions providing maximum value to the customer.

Transparency And Flexibility
We are focused on establishing optimum delivery mechanisms ready to provide you with all necessary visibility and control whenever and wherever you need it. Our effective communication and agile development approach enables us to tailor solutions effectively that fits your project requirements maximizing your output and minimizing risks.

We constantly endeavour to provide our clients with truly customized practical solutions and our support staff is always eager to provide a continuous and prompt onsite/offsite support.

COMPUGA’s processes, products, and organizational structure are equipped towards ensuring that every solution to the clients passes through our stringent well-defined and documented quality measures. All our solutions are generated from the blend of dedication, professionalism, experience, and approach based on integrity and best practices. We ensure that all our clients get maximum value from our comprehensive solutions.

Quality Assurance
We believe in “doing it right the first time” and take all necessary initiatives to satisfy given requirements for quality. We make sure the existence and effectiveness of procedures that attempt to make sure – in advance – that the expected levels of quality will be met. We have also undertaken various initiatives such as implementing life cycle monitoring, defect prevention, inspection, testing etc at every level that enable our solutions to ensure quality on every deliverable. There is a system in place to have customer reviews, documentations, feedbacks from time to time make it more effective and “fit for purpose.”

We unite talent with opportunities and believe there is a opportunity that fits every person and a person that fits every opportunity.

Our mission is to be the premier information technology staffing company by:

  • Doing it right the first time
  • Reduced cyclic times
  • Flexible
  • Reduction in problems and failures
  • Lower costs and improved efficiency
  • High level of customer satisfaction